Saturday, March 16, 2013

Virtually Vilnius

~ I always find a lot more subjects than I have time for when I Google Street cruise for the Virtual Paintout, so I thought this time I would share those along with the one I did use.

This first one is actually the first thing I saw when I dropped the little yellow pedestrian into the map. I call it, "Gretai! Kelti Google!" ("Quick! Pose for Google!" in Lithuanian).

This one begs to be an ink wash drawing, belies my penchant for girl watching, and refutes my suspicion that Google blurs all the faces.

Through an archway off the street. Appears to be on the phone, maybe she ducked through here for a bit of privacy.

Ah, summertime in Lithuania.

A pigeon provides foil for some pretty artistic graffiti, high up on the wall.

Finally left inner city Vilnius and emerged onto what appears to be the equivalent of our interstate highway system. This is near the intersection of Olandu g and S. Batoro g., a little east of the city proper.
I've always had a love affair with blue skies but this one brought up an almost forlorn longing; required more ultramarine than I usually like in a sky blue. My mind runs amok trying to explain the emotion, so I titled it Heavy Sky. 5"x 7" three hour quicky on a canvas board, trying to assume a plein aire type of approach, which I have submitted to the Virtual Paintout.
Oh, you can see the street view HERE.



Nicola Dalbenzio said...

I love that you're posting google images you don't have time to do. I find so many of them, I want to send them anyway.

A.Decker said...


I usually get up to a dozen every time, and end up painting only one or two. So yeah, why not do something with them?